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Friday, December 19, 2003

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Sunday, December 14, 2003 the sec 3 classes todae..the gd tink is dat ma bro haziq is wif 305..too bad rahman's in 306,n fir in

tom blogged @ 11:57 PM | archives | comment changing the layout..tink dis ones better..i'll b speaking on bhaf of ma band at dis blog if theres any update on UnXpected..year '03 is bouta end..n im sure many of u guys out there hav goals for the upcoming year..well,my goal..the changes in one noes..till sch reopens,den u guys will find out..huh..change for wad..?the better or the worst..huh..u find out..i aint sayin nothin..evrybody's gotta change..juz a matter of time..nywaez..had a gud time ard the jalan raye wif my lotsa money..met a lotta ppl..yeah..twas fun..gonna get sec 3 classes soon..hope im wif sum of ma frenz..but dat doesn worry me to much fine wif anitink..shud b wif haziq,coz he got exactly the same overall percentage n level position as me..same subjec combination too..ppl sae we look alike,now even our results r exactly alike..k..tink dats all for outta here..

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003
hi..busy dae todae..second dae of raye..went to lots of houses..went to visit sum close uncles n unties of mine..dis year income low arh..going to sec 3 wat..sum pple dont giv me money coz they think im big enough...dont need the money anywae..thruout the whole jalan raya thing wif my n sum other elder bros had lots of fun lookin at..takin hp no.s of..n talking to the gals we meet at the houses we didn noe they could get so complicated..there was the minah type,the 'baca buku type',n the minah tudung type..n as for the hp no. of one of my distant cuzzin..she was so darn cute..quite tall..n easy going..well..when i first saw her..i tot she was a beautie..and so i smiled at her..surprisingly she smiled back at me..i approached her upon returning my plate after eating..and then..i asked her for a while..and of course..sweet words and praises were present..that incident tot me a lesson..shud take it slow..look at the world..dont act to fast..dats about it..other than dat..the jalan raye was ok larh..Selamat hari raye to all of u.. im off..

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
im back..khai this new layout..but dont bother trying the links..they dont work..they ur juz there 4 show..u noe..during the fasting month..the four of us did not contact each other much..neither did we go jamming 2gether..i guess..the years gonna end n we mite b seperated..different classes...wat wil bcum of the UnXpected..?will they take part in next years talentime..?will they remain as a band n continue practising till they are really gd..well, dat all dpends..on the band..i noe..some pple..visit our blog..then they say..who are these guys?they are juz some punk band wannabes...]
well..dats where u guys are wrong..we aint some last minute band who join competitions n play sum stupid song..we aint one minute of fame either..we are..the UnXpected..and wats so gd about them,u may ask..

Continue reading if u hav the time,coz its gonna b a long ride..

Sumtime ago in March dis year..we were tokin when haziq suggested dat we form a wasnt a bad idea..but there was one major problem..none of us hav any experience with musical and drums were totally foreign to us...from then on..we stood up and said we were gonna make a band no matter wat it takes..days later,we got ourselves..acoustic guitars which we use to practise at home..we even started to visit jamming rooms very frequently..bout every wednesdae..
when we first went jamming..we were mocked at by others..cuz we could hardly play by day..we continued practising..together n sumtimes alone at home..we wasted lots of money..10 bucks for the jamming room we used every week..when it was finally time for the charity concert..we joined..knowing dat we will eventually b knocked out at the audition..true enough we were..we were not gd enough..hey,but cum on..only four months of training..obviously we lacked experience..compared to the other bands..we join to feel the taste of performing for the first time in front of a crowd..the taste of losing..was rather disappointing..we wasted over hundreds of dollars..renting equipments lyke the guitars,distortions etc...and for wat?to lose..?we did not give up though..continued practising..and managed to complete our first music album..we were successful..
todae..we could play over ten songs very well..n realised we hav not wasted our money..n time dat we sacrificed..thanks to the hard work of the guitarists n drummer..we are..who we are todae..the one and only UnXpected..
if u think wat ive written above is crap n hav no interest at all,think about it..put urself in my shoes n imagine gettin mocked at,wat will u do..?but if u hate us bcuz u were being insulted in any way b4,by any of us..then..from the bottom of my heart..and on bhalf of my grp,i apologise.. dats all for now..take care..

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Monday, November 17, 2003
t'was totally borin dae for me..stuck at home..then gotta call from rahman..told me we were gonna play Motivation frm sum 41 for our next song..finally..sumthing for me 2 do.. so i went online to search for the lyrics and bass tab for the song..the bass tab for dat song was kinda tuff..but to rmember the lyrics..worst..took a few hours practising on my electric bass..n it sounded really nice too..especially the intro..dats the toughest fingers were jumpin around so fast till i dont even noe wat i was doin..later on.. i managed to play it well..but then..i still hav to memrize the tuff having to play 2 roles..but hey..i'm cool wif dat...see u guys around...

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Monday, October 27, 2003
To all our fans out there,our first music album will be out by the end of this week.If u want a copy,u can either approach any of us personally or tell me thru msn.
Dats all..n remember chill..

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Friday, October 24, 2003
on 23rd October,we improvised our first music album by adding new songs and it is now ready to be put in2 cds..the sound quality mite not be dat gd,but we've tried our best..
anywae,please 4give us if there are mistakes as we had juz formed our band in March this year..thru experience,we shud be able to play more songs of your interest..

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Check out the new layout! Not bad eh..

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